WITH expert italian VEGAN CHEF TRAIners

Marina and Stefania, mother and daughter, are the owner's of Gioia di Vivere Cooking School, a non profit organization, set in a warm and traditional tuscan farm surrounded by nature in Lucca town. 


Marina is a 40 years experienced chef of healthy and organic cuisine. From 1976 she studied vegetarian cooking techniques and, few years later, macrobiotic cuisine with Michio Kushi. Then Marina run three restaurants in three different italian cities. In 1992 she founded her cooking school Gioia di Vivere to teach the healthiest way to cook ingredients and share how food significantly affects our physical, mental and spiritual well-being.  From 20 years she focused on healthy vegan cuisine. 


Stefania is a Chef Tutor in Gioia di Vivere Cooking School from 8 years. She became a popular foodblogger in 2014 with her blog cucinaconstefania.com, different from other foodblog, because it contains suggestions for an happy dairy-free & vegan lifestyle. In 2015 after a long trip in New York city and a food workshop in Firenze she began to promote Gioia di Vivere's vegan classes in english version.


In their cooking school only organic, seasonal, whole, balanced, fresh and delicious food exist and students learn the secret of italian recipes in an healthy and balanced vegan version.