Please don’t miss out on this amazing learning experience!

I attended classes here for 4 days, and my brain is now full of all of the amazing information I learned from Stefania and her lovely mom. They taught me traditional Tuscan recipes using fresh food (mostly from their own garden) and great cooking techniques. I loved each recipe we made and can’t wait to recreate them for my friends and family!

We ate lunch together as a family every day, so it was neat to talk to everyone and enjoy the food together.

Stefania and her family are very kind and generous, even if you come alone you will feel right at home.

One more thing to note...Stefania was very flexible about letting me mix and match which classes I wanted to do, although that probably depends on how many students she has on which week. But I suggest you can even just let her pick the course or lessons she thinks would be best, because anything you do there will be amazing!

Recommended to anyone :)

 Written by lizam2015ch from Germany on October, 2019  

A joyful experience!

My boyfriend and I loved the fresh pasta and sauces class that we took this morning with Marina and Stefania.

They are such a delightful and knowledgeable family; the space is gorgeous;

and we learned so much about proper cutting, seasoning, balancing, and cooking techniques!

After hours of cooking and learning, the whole class sat down to a beautiful meal — mamma mia! So much food!!

The whole time, Stefania took awesome photos for us to enjoy forever, and we got a certificate.

We loved everything about this perfect little school — the class was a highlight of our trip! Grazie mille! 


Written by innamoratocongelato11 from USA on October, 2019    

Cooking Class of a Lifetime

I spent 3 days taking cooking classes at Gioia di Vivere. I loved them so much - I signed up for an additional class. 
I came all the way from New York City, where I have done many pop up dinners and restaurant consultations.

I confidently say that this school gives you much more than recipes. They give you all of the traditional Italian secrets you’ve been looking for. So be sure to bring a notepad. 
Founded on a macrobiotic philosophy, they teach you how food is medicine, energy, and therapy.

You will learn the yin and yang of your hands, cookware, and ingredients. 
It is run by thee most loving Italian family. The amount of love they put into their food and each class is mesmerizing. 
No matter if you are a beginner or a professional - they have a lot to offer - and you have a lot to gain. 
I plan on returning next year for more classes. 
Thank you Stefania for an incredible time.


Written by Mario Buccellati from USA on October, 2019


Amazing experience at the Gioia di Vivere Cooking School in Lucca


My wife booked us into 2 days of cooking courses. I am not normally a vegan or vegetarian but my wife is (almost)

and is exploring healthy eating and diet as part of a process of recovery from illness. 
Since it was just us, we could tailor the lessons per our choice without any issue and we wanted to learn t

he basics of Italian and Tuscan food, so pasta on day one, pizza and traditional Tuscan on day two.
We stayed in Lucca and drove to the school - slightly challenging to find but Stefania

was on the lookout and we soon made our way to a charming traditional Tuscan farmhouse.
What followed was a revelation... Stefania lead the instruction, and was soon joined by her mother Marina,

who can only be described as a master in the art of vegan cooking. 
Full hands on participation - no sitting back and watching here... 
When the food was ready, time for lunch and we were joined by Dad, who grows all the vegetables in his garden.

He is also a wealth of information on natural health - and with language barriers handled by Stefania's translations,

we had thoroughly enjoyable and engaging time both days - feeling completely immersed in a wonderful tuscan family, enjoying amazing food we had cooked ourselves (mostly - all the vegan dishes were prepared by Marina

and had to be experienced to be believed... and this coming from a confirmed carnivore) 
I cannot recommend these cooking classes more... you will learn and experience so much.

We loved spending time with Stefania, Marina and the family, and will definitely come back for more...


Written by Alongoldbergisrael2110 from Israel on September, 2019

Wonderful experience with high quality chefs/instructors

Stephania and Marina are the daughter/mother team behind this wonderful vegan cooking school outside Lucca, Italy. Although I cook a lot and have been vegan for many years, it was so wonderful

to watch, learn, and cook with these two beautiful woman. They are so passionate about vegan cooking and eating!

Most of the food you prepare is fresh and organic from their garden. They even make their own tofu.

And their recipe for vegan parmesan is to die for. Perfect!!

You will learn about, chop, cook, and eat delicious and high quality food.

I enjoyed the great vegan vegetable pies that you were swear had egg in them and the meatballs.

They are wonderful teachers and learning in their kitchen made you feel at home.


Written by Lisa C from USA on August, 2019

Great Vegan Cooking Class in Lucca, a highlight of our trip to Italy!

Our family of 7(all adults) vacationed in Italy, with a four night stay in Lucca. One of our highlights was the wonderful vegan cooking class that Stefania provided to us in our spacious villa in the heart of Lucca.

She taught us to make delicious homemade vegan pasta with a rich and creamy vegan sauce. Just half of our group was vegan, but the non-vegans enjoyed the food just as much. Stefania knows how to create such tasty dishes.

She was very personable, friendly and helpful in our desire to make a healthy Italian meal.

We received the recipes to our dishes, and plan to recreate them at home in the USA.

I highly recommend booking this class for an amazing day in beautiful Tuscany! 


Written by Dan M from USA on August, 2019


Great food and great teachers!

I did 4 full days of the vegan chef course. Stefania and Marina both are lovely teachers and great company!

The course is good on all aspects: delicious ingrediënts (straight from Dad’s garden, homemade or great quality organic),

smart techniques, knowledge of health and of course great recipes! I would especially recommend doing the pasta course,

savory pies and ask to make meatballs, these were the most fun.

I would also ask for recipes you’d personally like to make, they are good at everything!

The family is super hospitable, during the course it almost felt like I was part of the family. I hope to be back!


Written by Wies from Netherlands on August, 2019

Great family fun activity for a rainy day

We loved having Stephanie and Marina come to our villa to teach us how to make vegan pasta.

We are a family group ranging from 9-75 in age including a teenage boy and it was a perfect hands on experience for all of us.

Although we are not vegans it was very interesting to see how these talented chefs substituted ingredients to make a delicious and nutritious meal. We particularly liked their enthusiasm and expertise and would recommend them to everyone visiting this area.

We all loved the uniqueness of this experience and everyone agreed it was the best way to spend a rainy morning inside!!


Written by JKovacs from Australia on July, 2019