traditional tuscan & italian cuisine in a healthy version!


Our students come from all over the world to attend our vegan and vegetarian classes. 

Lots of ancient recipes from italian and tuscan traditional cuisine are naturally vegan, so our mission is to keep passing on the most simple and tasty dishes. Our kitchen is warm and informal and you will appreciate its typical tuscan home style. All classes are hands-on our students are fully involved and finally we taste what we have cooked together!

about us

We are an Organic Vegetarian Vegan

Cooking School in Lucca, Tuscany from 1992. We only use seasonal, organic, local, fresh ingredients and avoid processed foods.

Our chefs trainers have from 40 years to 10 years experience in organicplant-based

recipes, this means they are very confident in vegan healthy cooking knowledge and skills. 


training programs

Join us!

Next upcoming Fresh Pasta class:

Master best fresh pasta italian specialties

in vegan version!!  

personal chef

If you are not based in Lucca area, during your vacation, but want to learn, cook or simply taste our delicious vegan foods, our expert chefs can come to your holiday home in Tuscany, for private cooking classes and dinners. Or you can book a meal at our cooking school. 

Please don’t miss out on this amazing learning experience!

I attended classes here for 4 days, and my brain is now full of all of the amazing information I learned from Stefania and her lovely mom. They taught me traditional Tuscan recipes using fresh food (mostly from their own garden) and great cooking techniques. I loved each recipe we made and can’t wait to recreate them for my friends and family!

We ate lunch together as a family every day, so it was neat to talk to everyone and enjoy the food together.

Stefania and her family are very kind and generous, even if you come alone you will feel right at home.

One more thing to note...Stefania was very flexible about letting me mix and match which classes I wanted to do, although that probably depends on how many students she has on which week. But I suggest you can even just let her pick the course or lessons she thinks would be best, because anything you do there will be amazing!

Recommended to anyone :)

 Written by lizam2015ch on Ocotber 12th, 2019  

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